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The Suggestion On Safe Use Of The Canned Warmer

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The canned warmer has a great advantage in use, and is very popular in the market due to its convenient use. However, it still needs to be paid attention to ensuring the safety during the use. Although the product itself has a high safety performance, but after all it belongs to the combustion products, so during use it must pay attention to safety.

First, during the use, do not arbitrarily raise the core. Of course, if larger firepower is required, the fuel core can be properly raised, but it is important to remember that it can not be adjusted too higher to prevent the remaining fuel from not being used. Secondly, in the use and placement of the canned warmer, it should be ensured that the current use of environmental conditions meet the requirements. In cases where the best fire and heat can be achieved, it is best to arrange a staff for mobility checks to ensure safety.

In addition, when using the canned warmer, it must be as far away as possible from children and small animals. Especially when used in the family, it must pay attention to precautions. The immature person must not use the canned warmer alone. If there is accidental ingestion, take samples promptly and immediately to the nearest hospital to seek medical attention.

In addition, during using the canned warmer, attention should be paid to lighting as required. It is not be allowed to directly use the burning fuel tank to ignite other fuel tanks.  Remember, this product needs to be used in spacious, ventilated, stable, static and horizontal placement. It should be as far away as possible from flammable and explosive materials when using. If the space is too narrow, it is not recommended to use.

In addition, if it is in the field environment, it must pay attention to fire prevention, and must comply with the fire requirements in the fire zone . At the same time, the canned warmer can not be discarded at random. During the storage process, please stay it away from the wet, high temperature and high humidity environment. After the transportation arrives, please use the canned warmer after standing for a period of time.

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