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The Use Of Gel Fuel Hot Pot

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The gel fuel hot pot is a new type of fuel that is both environmentally friendly and safe. In the combustion process, it has no smoke, no odor, no harmful volatiles, high calorific value, and can be re-ignited. For the user, the gel-fuel hot pot is extremely safe, the fuel is stable, does not volatilize, does not ignite, and does not burn in the event of an open flame.


Compared with the traditional solid alcohol, the nature of the gel fuel hot pot is more stable, safer, and the burning time is more lasting. Measured by the average time, the cost performance of the fuel oil will be higher. This new type of fuel is a new type of green and environmentally friendly fuel that is developed and developed using advanced technology and formulas. It is safe and sanitary, convenient and efficient, non-toxic and non-polluting.


The product belongs to a new product that is high in cleanliness, non-pollution, burning fire, environmental protection and energy saving. Gel fuel hot pot has the following features:


1, safe and reliable. The use of gel-fuel hot pots easily resolved the traditional fuel smoked eye, pungent problems, to avoid the explosion, poisoning, flammable and other security risks. The fuel is non-flammable, and it is not easy to burn in the event of a fire. It is not easy to catch fire on a tablecloth or carpet.


2, green. Gel-fuel hot pot burning process smoke-free, non-toxic, colorless, no volatile, no odor, will not smoke black bottom, no residue after combustion, clean, value enjoyment.


3, concentrated high energy. The gel fuel hot pot has strong firepower, high combustion heat energy, full combustion, and no residue.


4, economic and convenient. Gel fuel hot pot can be ignited and extinguished at any time, repeatedly lit repeatedly extinguished, especially convenient! The can body is not hot when burning and does not transfer heat.

The use of gel fuel hot pot.

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