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Brief introduction to characteristics of wick chafing fuel

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Nowadays, the wick chafing fuel is widely used in many catering service. Compared with other chafing fuel products, its main advantage is very obvious.

1 It’s very easy to use and safe, spill the fuel will not combust, it need a wick to burn.

2.It’s clean, and will not produce pollution. Normally, after the complete combustion of the wick chafing fuel, the new products produced only water and carbon dioxide, so it will not pollute the surrounding environment.

wick fuel.jpg

Thus, the wick chafing fuel has better environmental protection performance, and under normal circumstances, it can maintain a longer burning time. During combustion, the flame is stable, the flame temperature is higher, and more heat can be obtained. There is no need to worry about the problem that the tank can heat up.So it is often used as an ideal fuel for heating and insulation in high-grade buffet places. 

Of course, in many other occasions, it can also play a good role . For example, we can use it in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, Chinese and Western restaurants, hot pot, buffet and teahouse. Of course, we can use it as a fuel when we're having picnics or traveling. 

This wick fuels also has a great advantage, that is, in the process of transportation, packaging is more convenient, and it belongs to non-hazardous goods, so there is no need dangerous goods warehouse. In this way, it can save a lot of transportation cost. 

It is need to aware is, after use, if you need to put out the flame, we only need to close the lid. when re-use, take down the lid, ignite the wick. In addition, the empty tank only needs to be treated after the fuel has been used up. 

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