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Canned heat source products of different specifications can meet different requirements

- Jun 07, 2018 -

The new canned heat source is different from the traditional alcohol fuel, which belongs to a new type of heat source fuel that is very safe and environmentally friendly. At present, it is mainly applied to various types of hotels and restaurants. This new environmentally friendly filling heat source has the characteristics of smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile, etc., and the burning time is long-lasting and stable.


At the same time for different user requirements, will also be configured with adjustable wicks, easy to use. Different specifications of the canned heat source can keep the burning time different, mainly divided into three types, namely 6 hours, 4 hours, and 2 hours.


For users, this new type of filling heat source can maintain full combustion. At the same time there are many other aspects are advantages: 1, the product is equipped with adjustable school wick, the actual application can be flexible to adjust the amount of heat, from mild to prosperous, suitable for any form of meal; 2, when the heat source burning Any odor will not destroy the buffet atmosphere; 3, Use of non-flammable materials in sealed cans is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly; 4. The fuel has a non-volatile, eliminating the trouble of your re-covering; 5, with 6 hours, 4 Hours, 2 hours in three sizes, to meet any of your dining needs.


This kind of filling personnel not only owns the fuel used for environmental protection and safety, but also its tank design is very strict. Therefore, this product is suitable for various forms of transportation. Coupled with the use of a special screw cap design, the product's storage is simpler and easier to use. And from the appearance point of view, the product is very delicate, fine workmanship, so it has the advantages of safety, reliability, ease of operation and so on.


When using this environmentally-friendly filling heat source, if you need to turn off the flame in the middle, you only need to blow out the flame or use a metal fire extinguishing cap. The fuel in environmentally-friendly filling heat sources is not volatile and can therefore be stored for later use. When rekindling, the wick is sucked dry with a towel or banknote and then ignited. Remember that empty cans need to be disposed of only when the fuel has run out.

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