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Catering fuel market development space analysis

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Catering fuel are an environmentally-friendly biofuel newly developed on the basis of ethanol. The fuel can be stored, transported and used directly at normal temperature and pressure. When storing, you do not need to use compressed cylinder storage, just store it in ordinary metal or plastic containers. Moreover, the gel fuel in the catering fuel solves the historical problem of insufficient calorific value and large amount of other fuels.


At the same time, the ethanol gel burning tank also solves the problems of unstable combustion and insecurity. In the promotion of use, the product's technical performance and safety indicators are in line with the requirements of civilian fuels. It is an ideal green and environmentally friendly fuel. And in the process of full combustion, it can release a lot of heat, and it can completely replace the diesel and liquefied gas used in the kitchen.


In fact, in the production of ethanol gel burning tanks, the main source of ethanol, which is an affordable raw material with a wide range of sources, is a high-cleaning biomass liquid fuel that is chemically blended and synthesized according to specific process recipes. Therefore, it can be used not only for tens of thousands of households, but also as alternative fuel diesel fuel for boilers in hotels, guesthouses, and unit canteens, and also as a fuel for other industrial fuels.


As we all know, with the rapid economic development, the catering industry in major domestic cities is booming. At the same time, people’s concern for environmental health is rising, coupled with the promotion of environmental protection policies, and thus the inevitable trend of rising crude oil in the future. Under such circumstances, the development of new energy is extremely important. On the one hand, the ethanol gel burning tank can ease the tension in the fuel supply, and it is also an environmentally friendly fuel.


At present, the ethanol gel burning tank has a broad development space in the domestic market. This cost-effective, clean ethanol gel burning tank fuel will be more popular in the future market.

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