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Characteristics of Gel Hotpot Fuel

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Hot pot is very important in modern life, and the various hot pot fuels in the market are also becoming more and more abundant. Among them, the gel hot pot fuel belongs to a new type of colloidal fuel. During the combustion process, a large amount of heat can be released to satisfy the heating. Gel hot pot fuel has the advantages of small size, high heat, easy to carry, and can be added when used.


Not only that, the gel hot pot fuel is also very environmentally friendly, safe and convenient to use, able to heat food, easy to carry. This product is usually cured using methanol or ethanol. From the appearance, it is a transparent object, the color can be freely adjusted, the flame when burning blue, smokeless and tasteless, flame temperature up to 600 °C, heat is about 4100 kcal.


When the gel fondue is used for fuel, the tinplate box is usually used. The double-sided anti-corrosion coating on the packaging box has clear metal inside and outside, anti-corrosion and rust-proof. It is more convenient and convenient to use. The product can be used for high-end hotels, restaurants, hot pot city, Chinese and Western restaurants, buffets, cafes, tea houses, picnics, and tourism.


During the production process, we specially selected high-quality raw materials and produced special gel-fondue fuels. Product appearance is clear and transparent, product quality standards are strict. The product has the characteristics of colorless and odorless, safe and environment-friendly, easy to carry, long burning time, etc. It can replace a new type of fuel of traditional solid alcohol.


Usually when the gel hotpot is packaged with fuel, it will be packaged according to usage. For example, the net weight of a small jar of gel hotpot is usually 200g, and the size of the outer box is 52*35*18cm. The packing size is 72 pieces/carton. Usually a small pot of gel fondue fuel burns for 2.5 hours, 3 hours and so on.

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