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Cleaning methods after using the canned warmer

- Oct 24, 2017 -

In some cases, in order to ensure the effect of the canned warmer, appropriate cleaning treatment is required. It should be recalled that, in the context of security considerations, the implementation of clean operations must be carried out in accordance with specific provisions. Otherwise, there may be a safety accident. So, do you know what the correct way to clean a canned warmer is?

Next, we will discuss this issue with you, and we hope to provide some reference suggestions. Usually, after the canned warmer is found to be cleaned, it must wait until the core is out and the surrounding chill-down naturally. Then it can be cleaned before it to avoid scalding.


When cleaning, if there is dirt on the surface of the canned warmer, it is best to wipe with a cotton cloth with diluted detergent. Do not use the abrasive or erosive articles to clean the tank surface to avoid damage to the tank surface.

It should be noted that when the canned warmer is used, the user should check whether the surface of the tank is retained with lemon, tomato juice, salt water, vinegar, coffee or milk and so on. if any, it should be cleaned up in time.

At the same time, in order to ensure the actual application effect and the combustion quality of the canned warmer, the user needs to clean the surface of the tank regularly. In order to ensure the next use effect, the tank core protection cover should be covered in time before cleaning.

The above is correct cleaning methods of the canned warmer We hope users can clean the tank of the canned warmer according to the above introduction.

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