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Different use effects of fireplace fuel

- Dec 24, 2018 -

The fireplace is a modern, elegant and stylish heating device that can be used to achieve different heating effects through different fuels. That is to say, in the heating of the fireplace, the burning of the fuel used in the fireplace will directly determine the heating effect in the room. The heat of the electric fireplace is supplied by the conversion of electricity, and the use of the electric fireplace is very convenient.


At the same time, the real fire fireplace is also very popular with modern consumers. The fireplace fuel will produce a real flame when it burns, and it has the characteristics of dynamic, rotating and changing, which can provide us with a three-dimensional perception. For example, wood is one of the commonly used fuels, which can bring people real flame enjoyment.


There are also some fireplaces used in the fireplace fuel gas, mainly natural gas and liquefied gas as fuel, natural gas and liquefied gas use lower cost, and convenient, safe, thermal efficiency, high application rate, decorative effect is also very prominent. Alcohol can also be used as a fireplace fuel. In short, there are many types of fireplaces, and the fuel can be selected by the user according to his actual

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