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Efficient and environmentally friendly wick fuel subverts traditional fuels

- Jun 30, 2018 -

When the wick fuel is manufactured, it is generally subjected to a concentrated treatment, so that it has a strong firepower in the combustion, and the combustion heat energy is high and the burning time is longer. For the user, this wick fuel is also very economical and convenient to use, can be lit and extinguished at any time, repeatedly lit repeatedly extinguished, very convenient.


And this kind of wick fuel can be added and used as needed during use. Its combustion space is not subject to any restrictions. When using this kind of fuel, the luminaire can be placed on any table, including glass, high-profile furniture, etc. After several hours of use, there is no need to worry about damage to the countertop. The lamp body is not hot and does not transfer heat when it is burned.


In general, the use of environmentally friendly high-energy wick fuels has no adverse effect on the on-site environment and does not release smoke or odor. Moreover, the wick fuel has strong firepower, high safety factor, convenient use, long burning time, no pollution, and only residual water and carbon dioxide after complete combustion.

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