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Fuel for Catering - New Environmentally Friendly Clean Fuel

- Mar 20, 2018 -

There are many kinds of fuel products in the market today, of which one is a new type of environmentally friendly clean fuel, and this kind of fuel has obvious advantages for the catering industry. The product is based on oxygen-containing organic alcohols as the matrix, together with high calorific value excipients and high-performance modifiers. Therefore, this fuel is suitable for different cooking stoves and is very convenient to use.


Analysis of actual application of new environmentally friendly clean fuels:


This new type of environmentally friendly clean fuel is used for catering and has obvious economic advantages. Compared with conventional fuels used in the past, such as liquefied gas, high thermal efficiency is its preferred feature. This is because this new type of alcohol-based fuel burns completely and completely, and its heat conversion efficiency is high. This not only saves a lot of costs, but it is also a cleaner, environmentally friendly, and more promising fuel in the future.


Second, when this new environmentally friendly clean fuel is used for food and beverage, it also has obvious technical advantages. The product is very practical, and with the development of technology, its production technology has become increasingly mature and experienced. In fact, this fuel is a replacement product of alcohol-based liquid fuels. For users, the product not only has a high calorific value, but also is very green and environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment.


In general, this new type of environmentally friendly clean fuel for food and beverage fully meets the requirements of safety, and has greatly improved and improved in terms of calorific value, viscosity and flame temperature. At present, many food and beverage companies such as restaurants, hotels, and colleges and universities in large and medium-sized cities in China have already used this type of fuel. And this kind of fuel is also very convenient for food and beverage storage. It can be stored, transported and used under normal temperature and pressure conditions.

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