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Function and use method of safety and environmental Wick Chafing Fuel

- Dec 08, 2018 -

Usually the new type of Wick Chafing Fuel is packaged in special tanks with environmentally friendly oil fuel. It can be ignited directly when used, and can be used in restaurants, hotels, restaurants, and hot pot insulation.


If you can't use it at one time, you can put it on the lid and put it in a cool place, and use it next time. For the first time, you can pick the cotton ignition core and ignite it with a lighter. Designed for safety reasons, it is not a bit when it is lit. And the flame will slowly ignite until the firepower is needed. This kind of health-safe fuel can be easily adjusted by the "multi-purpose fire-fighting cover" to adjust the furnace core to arbitrarily adjust the required firepower.


Under normal circumstances, the filling heat source can be used multiple times in succession until it is completely used up and is not volatile. It is recommended to store the filling heat source in a cool place to avoid contact with

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