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Gel Chafing Fuel use precautions

- Aug 28, 2017 -

When we use Gel Chafing Fuel, we should follow the correct method to operate to prevent the occurrence of danger. In fact, the use of alcohol is very extensive. Therefore, in practical applications, usually we need to use the cover device to open the lid of Gel Chafing Fuel, and then carefully placed in the stove. Remember, in the course of the operation can not spend too much time, so as not to affect the combustion effect.

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Of course, if placed too long, it may also cause a waste. Normally, after the Gel Chafing Fuel is put on, use a gun or a match to ignite it. Note that there should be a distance of 10-20 cm between the hand and the Gel Chafing Fuel when the ignition is made. This is not only to make the use of Gel Chafing Fuel to give full play, but also to protect our own safety.

If the Gel Chafing Fuel is not used for the time being, or if it needs to be paused for a while, then it can be extinguished with a lid. After the mouth to be sealed to stay for use. When the Gel Chafing Fuel burns, the empty tank should be placed in the designated place. Remember, Gel Chafing Fuel in the normal burning time, it is best not to add fuel, so as not to affect the use of Gel Chafing Fuel.

In addition, in the storage of Gel Chafing Fuel, it should be noted that as far as possible away from the fire, power and high temperature area, it is recommended to place in the shade. This avoids the danger and ensures the use of the Gel Chafing Fuel. Gel Chafing Fuel can not be eaten, should be placed in the child can not touch the place.

The use of Gel Chafing Fuel in the normal play will not produce toxic gases, if you are not careful to contact, you can use the water rinse can be.

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