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Hot dish dishes gel fuel product advantages

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Currently there are many employers in the selection of dyes, will give priority to hot dish dishes gel fuel products, you know what kind of fuel this advantage? First of all, this hot dish vegetable gel fuel is high purity fuel, in the course of use, does not produce irritating odor, very clean and environmentally friendly.


Second, this hot dish gel fuel product can be re-enclosed and easy to open. For the convenience of users, so when packaging, the general use of filling, the user can open the use, and can be re-closed many times.


Third, there is no need to worry about leaks when using this hot pot dish gel fuel product. Even if the container is placed upside down or inclined, there is still no problem of leakage due to the barrier of the inner lid, and it is safe to be non-flammable.


Fourth, this fuel cell dish gel fuel products in the combustion process, the fuel utilization rate can reach 100%. Usually equipped with a special wick so that it fully sucked oil and easy to ignite, can be used repeatedly, until the effective use of fuel to 100%, without any waste.


Fifthly, users do not need to worry about evaporation during their use of gel fuel products. And because of the use of a special wick design, it can effectively prevent the wind and air flow blown flame was blown off, fire stability.


In addition, because of their own characteristics, hot pot dish gel fuel products are also not limited in their storage and transportation. As a result, the cost of shipping insurance premiums or shipping warehousing costs can be reduced when shipping this hot pot dish gel fuel product.

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