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How is the application effect of wick chafing fuel

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The wick chafing fuel uses non-flammable materials as raw materials. In practical applications, it can maintain long burning time and no pollution. Its combustion residues are only water and carbon dioxide. Moreover, the combustion flame of cooking fuel is very stable, the flame temperature is high, and the can body is not hot when burning, so it belongs to a kind of ideal fuel for heating and warming on the  buffet place.


The wick fuel is more simple and convenient in the process of transportation and storage, and it does not need to set up a special warehouse for dangerous goods, so as to save the cost. This product can be used not only for high and middle grade hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, buffet, but also for coffee shops, teahouses, picnic and tourism places.


From the actual application situation, the energy saving effect of wick chafing fuel is obvious. Now it has been widely used in small and medium-sized hotels, night markets, big stalls, etc., which can save about 30-50% compared with LPG. In the family can also be used for cooking soup, Fried Eggs, cooking, porridge, stew, stew, heating bones required heat source. It is convenient to use, and the size of fire can be adjusted at will.


In addition, the wick fuel is clean and hygienic and is very environmentally friendly. During the combustion period, it will not cause pollution to the environment, no smoke, non-toxic, tasteless, no carbon, no black pot bottom, no residue.

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