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How to use safe and environmentally friendly canned heat source

- Dec 30, 2018 -

The fuel in the safe and environmentally-friendly canned heat source is a healthy and environmentally friendly mineral oil fuel, that is, high-purity and safe mineral oil. It has long-lasting burning, colorless, odorless, non-volatile, safe and non-flammable, new safe and green fuel, completely eliminates safety hazards and replaces solids. Alcohol, liquid alcohol, no smoked eyes, no nose, no black pot bottom, mainly used for small hot pot, clams, buffet stove, buffet barbecue, tea, tea art insulation heating.


In use, the safe and environmentally friendly canned heat source fuel has the characteristics of clean, safe and convenientand long burning time. In particular, the fuel liquid itself is not easy to ignite when exposed to an open flame, so it is very safe to carry, store and use. Do not overfill when adding environmentally friendly fuel, generally add 70-80% of the base volume.


It should be noted that if you need to add a safe and environmentally-friendly canned heat source fuel in the middle, you should wait until the core cools before adding fuel. Try not to spill it outside. If there is fuel on the outside, wipe it with a rag and

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