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Knowledge of new alcohol based liquid fuels

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Typically, the new alcohol-based liquid fuel is the use of cheaper alcohols as the main raw material, which is safe and convenient to use and is a new type of fuels after the liquefied gas came out. In practical application, the new alcohol-based liquid fuel is non-toxic, odorless, smoke-free and non-smoked. The price is reasonable, and the cost of using the alcohol-based liquid fuel is only about three-fourths of that of liquefied gas.


And at the time of storage, this new alcohol-based liquid fuel can be stored at atmospheric pressure, reducing shipping costs. Gas poisoning will not occur due to leak during storage, and there is no danger of explosion unless the ignition water is poured. Under normal combustion conditions, this fuel has strong firepower and sufficient flame, which can be used in large stoves, such as hotels and guest houses, or ordinary civil stoves.


Not only that, this new alcohol-based liquid fuel coincides with the current concept of environmental protection at the same time, with the upgrading of technology, the product is not only easy to transport, but also safe and reliable combustion process, harmless to the human body, high thermal efficiency, Environment is not polluted. Promote the use of access to good economic, environmental and social benefits.


And this new type of fuel is also very clean and hygienic during combustion, especially in the food and beverage industry. In summary, this new alcohol-based liquid fuel is a premium fuel that helps reduce urban pollution and reduce the cost of the restaurant industry.


In addition to these features, the new alcohol-based liquid fuel can actually improve fuel utilization and safety. Not only that, with the promotion and use of new alcohol-based liquid fuels, not only can improve the energy supply problems, but also can promote the technological progress of China's civilian fuels to meet the community's demand for clean energy is of great significance.

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