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New gel fuel tank product development advantages in the market

- May 18, 2018 -

Gel fuel tank fuel belongs to a new type of high-performance fuel. The fuel is generally produced by a special process, the appearance is clear and transparent, and the product quality is high, so it has been widely used. This gel fuel tank fuel has many advantages in the combustion process.


In different places, gel fuel tank can not only release more heat quickly and ensure higher thermal efficiency, but also in the burning process, no toxins are released into the air, and the whole process is more environmentally friendly. When using this kind of fuel, it can keep the scene warm and satisfy the heating requirements such as catering.


Users can choose different specifications of gel fuel tanks according to their needs. Due to its ease of use, this dye has attracted widespread attention. Under normal circumstances, this fuel will be more fully burned, no residue, no release of toxic substances, safety and health.


In fact, the fuel in the gel fuel tank belongs to a kind of special fuel medium. Compared with the traditional fuel, it is neither a solid fuel nor a liquid or gas fuel, but a kind of solid and liquid. A special fuel that has both good properties. This medium is in a gel state and is therefore more convenient and safe for transport, packaging and use.


Under normal circumstances, the fuel in the gel fuel tank is mainly composed of substances and alcohols obtained from plants, and generally refers to ethanol. Although other lower alcohols can also be used in combination with some water. This mixture is made by adding methylhydroxy propylcellulose to the gel.


In addition, the fuel in this gel fuel tank has a special advantage, that is, when it is disposed of, this gel fuel is biodegradable and harmless to the environment. In the combustion process, the gel fuel tank fuel is smokeless, no soot, no poisonous gas evolution, non-carcinogenic, and non-corrosive. Moreover, this gel form is easy to pack, suitable for cooking and barbecue use as a fuel, and the reduction of soot makes these devices easy to maintain.

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