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New gel is environmentally safe fuel for hot pot

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Some of the new gels on the market today are environmentally safe fuels for hotpots. They are mainly produced using the most advanced bioengineering technology in the country to extract high-quality vegetable oil from plants. This new type of gel has been widely recognized by users for its environmentally safe fuel.


The main characteristics of the new gel as an environmentally safe fuel for hot pots are as follows:


First of all, this kind of fuel has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, burning fire, no pollution, no smoke, and meets the national environmental protection standards;

Secondly, the new gels have a relatively large calorific value for environmentally safe fuels for hot pots, and they are fully burned and effective when used.

Third, for the user, the new gel is a safe and environmentally safe fuel for hot pots that can save a lot of costs;

Fourth, this type of fuel is now widely used in new environmentally friendly fuels in hotels, restaurants, offices, military units, schools, and catering industries. It is an alternative fuel for hotels, restaurants, institutions, military units, schools, and catering. It is a state-certified environmental quality liquid fuel.


To sum up, in practical applications, this new type of gel is not only highly efficient and energy-saving, but also very economical, safe, non-toxic, smoke-free, dust-free, leaving no residue, clean, and green. Moreover, the new gel is an environmentally safe fuel for hot pots that is not affected by the seasons and climate and is the preferred fuel to replace liquefied gas. Welcome to large, medium and small hotel hotels to negotiate.

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