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Stress Calculation and Description of Liquid Flame Fuel Tank

- Sep 15, 2017 -

With the development of market economy and the change of energy consumption structure, people are increasingly pursuing high quality clean energy. Thus, in the current market has gradually emerged a lot of different types of liquid flame fuel, in the packaging and storage time, will be used to fill the way, so it is very convenient. The following will tell you about the liquid flame fuel tank stress calculation method.

From the current point of view, in fact, the momentum of the development of liquid flames fuel tank is very good. At the same time due to the increase in the number of users and the requirements of the tank for the structure and load, etc. also have a higher standard and requirements. Therefore, in the current practical work, how to effectively and rationally design a high-quality jars has become a very important issue.

In the past, we found that there are a lot of problems, mainly in the following aspects: 1, liquid flame fuel tank model construction is unreasonable; 2, boundary conditions and load to consider the large error; 3, The combination of work conditions exceeded the standard requirements; 4, stress classification is not appropriate. So, how to solve these problems?

Next, we will be on the above list of several issues, a comprehensive description of a liquid flame fuel tank stress and calculation, hoping to provide some reference. For example, we need to choose and build a reasonable structural model, so that not only can guarantee the quality of the jar, but also can block the heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of protection.

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