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Structural Model Analysis of Flame Fuel Tank

- Sep 19, 2017 -

In general, the structural model of the flame fuel tank can be designed as different structures. Of course, in the design, we not only take into account its specific structural arrangements, but also need to ensure that the heat transfer can play a blocking effect. Next, we will analyze the conditions for different conditions, hoping to provide some reference.

First of all, we need to follow four different load conditions to carry out the analysis. The first situation is to judge from the direction of its movement. In this case, the maximum rated mass of the flame fuel tank is multiplied by 2 times the gravitational acceleration, and then the pressure is calculated; the second case is calculated in a horizontal direction at right angles to its direction of motion. The pressure is the maximum rated mass and gravity acceleration of the opportunity.


The third condition is in the direction of vertical upward to judge. This time it should meet the pressure conditions for the maximum cost of the flame fuel tank and gravity acceleration of the opportunity; and in the fourth case, that is, vertical In the downward direction, the pressure is the maximum rated mass and twice the gravity acceleration.

After this calculation, we found that the maximum stress and maximum intermediate stress on the inner and outer surfaces of the flame fuel tank are less than the allowable values, so that the strength requirements can be met while the saddles and cold boxes are the largest. The surface stress is also within the allowable range to meet the strength requirements. In addition, the support tube and the pad Mises stress are equally within the allowable range.

And the maximum shear stress of the support used therein is also within the allowable range, which can meet the requirements for strength. After the above analysis, we believe that the structure of the flame fuel tank is reasonable and the strength also meets the requirements.

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