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The combustion and stability of the gel fuel tank

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Compared with the solid alcohol, the gel fuel tank burns when the fire is more sufficient, and it is more resistant to burning, which releases more heat and higher calorific value. The so-called gel fuel has both liquid and solid properties. And the gel fuel tank is simpler to store and safer to use.

In comparison, the fuel in the gel fuel tank is gelatinized for liquid fuel, thus effectively inhibiting the generation of harmful gases and improving the safety of combustion. In addition, in the combustion process, can maintain a high combustion efficiency.

During the stability test of the fuel tank for gels, we found that there was no significant force and stability in the process of processing or in transportation, even if the fuel tank was inversed. One of the main features of the gel fuel for users is environmental protection.

Usually, the gel fuel tanks are equipped with alcohol gels, which are produced in accordance with OSHA and EPA standards. As a result, no toxic substances are released into the air during fuel combustion. In addition, this new type of fuel is very economical and has a high cost performance.

In general, the fuel of the alcohol gel fuel tank is cured with methanol. Usually the appearance of the product is colorless and transparent, the flame is pure blue when burning, and the flame temperature is as high as 680, and the heat is about 4,100 calories.

This kind of alcohol gel fuel tank is widely used, for example, it can be used in restaurants, hot pot restaurants, etc. It can also be used for picnics, tourism, etc. Because it is convenient to carry and use environmental protection, it is very popular among consumers. Moreover, the packaging specification of the gel fuel tank is also diversified, and the user can choose according to the actual needs.

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