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What is the difference of the alcohol briquette for barbecue?

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The so-called alcohol briquette for barbecue, literally, is a kind of fuel used for the barbecue. Of course, this alcohol briquette for barbecue not only can be used in the barbecue, but also can be used in the catering trade such as hot pot. Compared with other fuels, it has a great advantage in the use, transportation and carrying.

First of all, the alcohol briquette for barbecue in the combustion process will not produce harmful substances, for the environment is friendly, and will not produce smoke and so on. Second, the paste fuel is safer than liquid alcohol and is more convenient when it is transported and carried.

Because of its so many advantages, the alcohol briquette for barbecue is widely used in barbecue and other fields, and also obtained the approval of many users in the catering industry and other occasions. During the production, usually under 30 ℃, the octadecanoic acid can dissolve, but it needs a long time.

At this point, however, the alcohol briquette for barbecue is not ideal in terms of uniformity, so it is usually in the temperature of 60 degrees, can make the solution mix very evenly. After the natural cooling process, the alcohol constantly solidifies, and finally obtains the uniform alcohol paste.

After getting the finished product, the alcohol briquette for barbecue can still maintain the paste during the combustion process. In this way, not only the use safety is obviously improved, but also can reduce the cost. In some cases, the plastic bag packaging can be used instead of iron drum or plastic drum packaging.

Especially when we have a barbecue, we can directly put the alcohol briquette for barbecue on the iron plate, or burn it on the bricks without holding it in a metal bucket. it is particularly convenient to use. At the same time, in the process of burning the alcohol briquette for barbecue, it will also produce a nonflammable layer of hard film, blocking the flow of alcohol, so as to keep the paste.

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