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Where convenient fuel is convenient

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Everyone knows that in modern society, whether it is production, life or work, it is indispensable for all kinds of fuel. In particular, with the continuous advancement of technology, there are many different forms of fuel on the market, for example, some are convenient fuels. The reason why it is called convenient fuel is mainly because it is more convenient to carry and use this type of fuel.


This kind of convenient fuel has a common characteristic, that is, it will not be natural under natural conditions, but it can normally stably burn the fuel after ignition. Moreover, these fuels do not contain explosive components. They are safe and hygienic in the process of combustion and generally do not exclude smoke. In particular, with the promotion and use of environmentally friendly fuels, unpleasant odors, toxic gases, etc. will not be emitted during the combustion process, which is very environmentally friendly.

Under normal circumstances, this type of convenient fuel is not only convenient to carry, but also safe to produce and use. It is basically smoke-free, odor-free and non-toxic when burned, and can release a large amount of heat. It is suitable for factories, homes and hospitals. , Offices, restaurants, student camping, and some marches, as well as tourism, picnic, coal, charcoal, firewood, and small dietary fuels.


There are also paste-like convenient fuels that are non-polluting and easy to use in the combustion process and are therefore popular with hotels, restaurants, and field workers and tourists. We know that in recent years, families or restaurants have used hot pot meals, as well as fieldwork and picnics. They often use solid alcohol as fuel. Solid alcohol is made by adding a coagulant to industrial alcohol to make it jelly-like. When used, it can be ignited with a match. No dust, no poison, no odor when burning.


Not only that, these convenient fuels can keep the flame temperature even when it is burning, and they are also very economical to use. They are ideal fuels. Most of the convenient fuels not only have a high calorific value of combustion, they are very powerful and they are very safe and hygienic to use. They are also very safe for transportation and storage.

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