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Wick fuel product use precautions

- Nov 29, 2018 -

The wick fuel product is a safe, environmentally friendly fuel that produces no pungent odor when burned. Under normal conditions, it can be burned for a long time, and the combustion flame can be adjusted in size. This product has the characteristics of green environmental protection, safety and convenience, and long burning time. When the flame is turned off, use a special fire extinguishing cover to extinguish the fire. After the flame is turned off, the original fuel cover should be covered.


The operation method of wick fuel use: 1. Open the cap and ignite it. Because this product is designed for safety, the flame will burn slowly until the required firepower. 2. It is convenient to adjust the required heating power arbitrarily through the "multi-purpose fire extinguishing cover". 3. The factory sets the standard firepower of the can core to meet the heat required for most heating and insulation.


In order to optimize the flame combustion of the wick fuel, proper adjustment of the fuel core is required. The user can adjust the height of the fuel core until the flame is in a good combustion state.

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