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Biofuels: Don't Stare At Corn

- Apr 13, 2017 -

As the world's largest cereal, feed and ethanol raw materials, has become the focus of food and energy for many times, but also triggered a debate on the promotion of biomass energy. When we choose the right biomass energy plants, the solution is not stereotyped. In the recently published "science" magazine, the United States Energy Biological Research Institute (EBI) researchers pointed out that the earth in different areas of diverse climate and soil conditions, the formation of a variety of plant species, using abundant plant resources, constructing a composite agricultural ecological system and a variety of planting energy crops, is a in line with the current environment of target selection.

Diverse ecological options

Because of the diversity of geographical environment, plants in different regions have their own special environmental adaptability, which provides a broad prospect for biomass fuel supply. According to the local climate and environment, including perennial grasses, such as ecological and environmental protection should be fully utilized to make it a reserve army of biomass fuels.

Bio Energy Research Institute is a joint research institute at the University of California at Berkeley, Illinois University and the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory, the bio energy experts set up a "lignocellulosic biofuel feedstock supply" special research on the ecological environment around the world and vegetation types were analyzed, discussed in the existing technical conditions with the sustainable production of biofuels, plants or crops can not eat the. For example, the U.S. Midwest, Eastern and Northern upland grass; Brazil and other tropical regions of the sugarcane, this in the southeastern region of the United States has; semi arid regions such as the United States southwest of Mexico, the tequila and other various sources of woody plants.

According to the report, the government of Brazil has plans to strengthen the management of cattle pasture, hoping to increase the supply of agricultural land without expanding the natural ecosystem. With the development of sugar based ethanol industry, by 2030, Brazil alone produced 14% of the world's fuel oil equivalent to the conversion of fuel demand.

In North America, forests are harvested in accordance with sustainable practices. But these activities continued to decline in the past few decades, with the development of electronic media and the public in the field of paper recycling, paper making timber demand is greatly reduced, which provides a huge space for a large amount of wood for biofuel.

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