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Boeing Wants To Use Chinese Cooking Oil As Fuel

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Boeing said in a statement that it had worked out a plan to use the waste oil for the production of sustainable aviation biofuels. The so-called "trench oil" refers to the waste cooking oil from Chinese restaurants and street vendors.

It will be a joint venture between Boeing and China's state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (Comac).

Boeing said that China's waste cooking oil could be used to produce 500 million gallons (about $1 billion 800 million) a year, according to the companies.

The statement said: Sino US aviation biofuels pilot project (China-U.S. Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project) production of biofuels will be approved by the international standards approved in 2011. This specification specifies the criteria that must be met for aviation fuels produced from vegetable oils and animal fats. At present, this type of biofuels has been used for more than 1600 commercial flights.

Boeing and Commercial Aircraft Corp of China is the sponsor of this pilot project. The project will use the Hangzhou Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (HEET) developed technology to remove impurities in the waste edible oil, with a daily output of 160 gallons (about 650 liters) of the speed of turning it into aviation fuel. The goal of the project is to assess the feasibility and cost of expanding biofuel production."

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