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Brazil Has Developed A New Blend Of Vegetable Oil And Diesel Fuel

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Brazil oil company announced on 19, the company developed a new hybrid fuel HBio adding 10% plant oil in diesel oil, and plans to start production next year.

Paul Costa, director of the Brazil oil company in the supply department announcement said that this new fuel by the research center of the company during the development of a year and a half of the success, the technology innovation is in the process of refining crude oil into diesel oil adding plant oil, the process to significantly reduce the sulfur content in fuel. Therefore, HBio not only cheaper than conventional diesel, and less pollution.

Brazil oil company research center official said, this new type of diesel quality is very good, Brazil existing diesel vehicles without any modification can use this new fuel. Brazil expects to reduce dependence on imported diesel by producing this new hybrid diesel. Brazil oil company said that in 2007 the new fuel production of up to 256 thousand cubic meters, can replace the import of diesel oil by 10%. 2008 new diesel production plan reached 425 thousand cubic meters.

The development and production of HBio Brazil is the implementation of a great progress in bio energy strategy. In recent years, Brazil has been actively promoting bio diesel, vegetable oil and 2% of conventional diesel mixed with a bio energy.

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