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How To Make Plant Fuel Oil

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Papermaking, printing, the compass and gunpowder ring "is China's four great inventions of the reputation of the world, with the progress of human civilization, February 20, 2006, shocked the world known as the" fifth great inventions of plant fuel oil Chinese "announced to the world. The Northeast Wang Chengdong developed "environmental protection plant synthetic liquid fuel oil. The first pilot plant located in Helingeer County, the new technology by the conversion of biomass to replace oil to create a precedent for the history of the world's oil and energy conversion. Wang Chengdong graduated from Wuhan Industrial University, in Dalian, Shenyang engaged in real estate development, has its own construction company, has accumulated a certain amount of funds. Speaking of studying the process of vegetable oil, Wang Chengdong said that in an accidental opportunity, Meng issued a study of plant fuel oil passion.

1999, Wang Chengdong in the Daqing oil field construction, to see a place in the oil spill, how can not seal, oil workers said that it is 40 years can not overcome the technical problems. See this phenomenon, Wang Chengdong spent 2 years to study the seal, to solve the problem of oil spills did not solve the problem for 40 years. Wang Chengdong said that the international diesel prices, the national energy shortage inspired me. I study rapeseed oil, palm oil, cotton oil, these vegetable oils and minerals are not the same, incompatible, so I study how to break the long chain of vegetable oil into a short chain. The core of the problem of how to make vegetable oil close to or similar to diesel, I began to study additives, do numerous experiments, each time I have to go to the relevant departments of the test, each time a fee of 3000 yuan. Later, the inspection department to see I am very persistent, more than the number of tests, the test fee will be reduced to 1500 yuan / times, and then dropped to $1000 / times. In 2003, with the core of nano materials additives broke the long chain, through the experiment of processing fermentation + additives, long chain shorter chain, the gum reaction contained in vegetable oil must be extracted from the glycerol, decomposition, not refined, and ate the glycerin. Later, after a thorough experiment to solve the problem, a total of about 1000000 yuan. Wang Chengdong said that China must not have no oil, there must be reserves of oil. Starting in 2004, Dalian two jetta cars and two ships using plant fuel oil, is now very stable.

After 8 years of hard research, the only domestic plant fuel oil technology in the hands of Wang Chengdong birth. This is a major breakthrough in the history of China and the world, which is of great strategic significance for the mitigation of environmental and energy crisis, but also a broad prospect for China's energy regeneration.

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