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US Scientists Have Found The Best Renewable Fuel Oil To Replace Aviation Fuel

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Recently, the American University of Technology Professor analysis closely Root Chemical Engineering Research Gai Lan (Camelina) of carbon dioxide emissions from the plant to the final application made aviation fuel cycle, confirmed by Gai Lan (Oil from Camelina) seed oil to replace the existing aviation fuel can reduce carbon emissions by 84%.

Gai Lan oil can be converted into environmentally friendly hydrocarbon aviation fuel and renewable diesel oil by refining process. Gai Lan seed aviation fuel standards that meet or exceed all aviation fuel oil specifications, can directly use the existing aircraft engine, compatible with existing air storage, transportation and technical facilities, as the best alternative to fossil fuels in the short term.

Different from the use of corn ethanol and soybean biodiesel production, Gai Lan needs less water and nitrogen, and high production, can be planted on the land for agriculture in semi-arid regions or barren, not to compete with food crops, is by far one of the most promising renewable fuel resources. The popularization and application of the system depend on the market price and the scale of commercial production.

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