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Hot Pot Hot

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Charcoal: the use of the longest history, with strong firepower, heating and heat preservation time, and other advantages, but easy to pollute the air ash, but also easy to produce carbon monoxide.

Gas: heat easy to control the size and more convenient, but because the gas storage is not easy, and it is a toxic gas, explosive, easy to produce carbon monoxide, many gas tank put together as many bombs, so dangerous. Country has disabled.

Solid fuel: the advantage is convenient and clean, will not produce dust and ash, but also easy to keep. But the fire is not easy to control, and the current production of solid fuel is not standardized, raw materials are different, so the combustion may produce harmful gases, and pungent.

Electromagnetic oven: compared with other heat source is more clean, convenient and safe, with temperature control, but the cost is higher, the radiation of electromagnetic radiation, increase the long-term and easy to get cancer, hormonal abnormalities, calcium loss, abnormal pregnancy and abnormal intense production, dementia, heart disease, hypertension caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity the Dutch act, (for details please see the harm of ID=204 radiation electromagnetic oven). Induction cooker can be embedded in the table and hidden under the tablecloth, looks more beautiful.

The most common source of natural gas in Chongqing, Chongqing Hot pot shop in the most commonly used, safe and sanitary smoke-free, but need good ventilation, otherwise there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and toxic gases, explosive. In the construction of the shop floor and the floor of the need to lay down the ground floor of the pipeline.

It is recommended to choose the safety and environmental protection fuel oil, this product is not flammable and explosive, no poison, there are national testing agencies to test the report.

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