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Alcohol fireplace fuel application

- Dec 28, 2017 -

In comparison, alcohol fireplaces are very popular with users as they show clear advantages in many ways. We should know that, in fact, the main location of the alcohol fireplace is to watch. This is because the alcohol fireplace fuel in the combustion process allows people to witness a more romantic and attractive flame.


In order to ensure the thermal efficiency, when designing, the width of the combustion chamber of the alcohol firebox can be appropriately increased. However, it is not recommended to design the length too long. Otherwise it will affect the viewing effect. In the meantime, it is more practical in actual use and more energy efficient.


For example, in some designs, the maximum volume of fuel in a combustion chamber filled with alcohol firewood is two liters. So this time when users are using, it is best to add a bucket, about a liter of volume. Burning lasting, basic to meet the needs of the general family or club show. Conversely, if the combustion box is too long, more fuel needs to be filled in each combustion, which will increase the operating costs of the combustion.


In addition, in the design process, taking into account the characteristics of alcohol fireplace fuel, so in most cases are to choose straight exhaust, do not have to install the smoke pipe. This is exactly why many people like alcohol fireplaces, so it is easier and more flexible to install.


In short, the so-called alcohol fireplace, which uses alcohol fireplace fuel in the combustion process, not only provide heat for the scene environment, but also allows people to enjoy the more romantic combustion process. At the same time alcohol fireplace fuel cleaner and environmentally friendly, it also greatly reduced the cleaning work.

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