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Analysis of the use effect of wick fuel

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Wick chafing fuel can release a lot of heat when burning, which can be economically and efficiently used in modern industrial production or daily life.


In order to provide convenience to the vast number of users, in the production of wick fuel process, we are not only pay attention to the strict control of product quality, but also to its storage and transportation. Therefore, the product has the advantages of safety and convenience, long burning time and so on.


The wick fuel also has adjustable wick, users can freely adjust the fire power according to needs, suitable for different meals.


wick fuel is safer and more environmentally friendly than similar products. It is especially suitable for long time heating and heat preservation of hotel buffet and chafing dish.


Besides, innovative designs have been made on the outer packaging of the wick fuel, especially the design of the screw cap, which can make the product easier to store, easy to reuse, and more elegant and refined in appearance.

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