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Basic rules for safe operation of wick fuel

- Nov 20, 2018 -

The wick combustion mainly draws the wick fuel from the liquid fuel reservoir to the top of the wick by means of the wick, and evaporates on the surface of the wick, and then performs diffusion combustion. In actual operation, before ignition, open the fuel tank switch and check the switch and pipeline for leaks. Ignite the pilot rod and turn on the burner switch.


It should be noted that care should be taken when adding wick fuel. The fuel flows into the burner. After the fuel is ignited, the damper air volume is gradually increased and the oil valve is adjusted. The wind and the fuel are matched and adjusted to the optimum state for use. Adjust the fire at any time as needed to save fuel. After the ceasefire, turn off the burner switch and the fuel tank switch to prevent fuel spillage.


In actual use, the wick fuel should be kept away from the fire source as much as possible, and appropriate fire prevention measures should be taken. Rinse immediately with water when you accidentally splash your eyes during use. Regularly check the fuel tank and piping to prevent leakage and cause fire. Ventilation devices should be installed in the operating space to maintain air circulation.

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