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Canned heat source has good development prospects

- Jan 30, 2019 -

The canned heat source is firstly a green energy source. It is not only the most complete and complete in combustion, but also has the highest heat conversion efficiency. The emission is mainly water and carbon dioxide, and it is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly and most promising fuel in the future. The fuel combustion value is lower than that of liquefied gas and diesel, but the price is superior, and it can be used as an alternative fuel for petroleum liquefied gas and fuel diesel.


In comparison, the canned heat source is economical, safe and convenient to use, has no residual residue, no black bottom, clean and other advantages, and has greatly improved and improved in terms of heat value, viscosity, flame temperature, etc. . At present, it is mostly used in restaurants, hotels, colleges and universities, canteens and other catering businesses.


Conventional fuels such as coal and diesel have the disadvantages of high cost, difficulty in igniting and polluting the environment. The new type of filling heat source is an environmentally-friendly biofuel newly developed based on alcohol-based fuel. It is stored, transported and used under normal temperature and normal pressure. It does not need high-pressure cylinder storage, and can be stored only in ordinary metal or plastic containers.



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