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Formula characteristics and energy saving of wick fuel

- Jan 29, 2019 -

The formula of the wick fuel is a high-cleaning new liquid fuel which is biochemically synthesized by using biomass raw material such as methanol as the main raw material and biochemical synthesis according to a special process. This wick fuel can be stored, transported and used at normal temperature and pressure without the need for high-pressure cylinder storage. Alcohol-based fuel can be stored in ordinary metal or plastic containers.


The wick fuel is stable in nature, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and is not only convenient to use, but also suitable for long-distance transportation and storage, which also provides favorable conditions for large-scale use of the fuel. As a new green energy-saving technology, fuel formula is completely burned compared with coal, coal tar, heavy oil and diesel. It has high heat conversion efficiency, generates carbon dioxide and water after combustion, and is smokeless, dust-free and non-irritating. Future clean, environmentally friendly, and promising fuel technology products.


In summary, the use of this new environmentally friendly wick fuel product not only achieves clean and environmentally friendly requirements, but also reduces application and transportation costs.


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