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Compared with the solid fuel, what are the advantages of the liquid fuel?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The so-called liquid fuel, mainly refers to the liquid flammable substancesthe which can be used for combustion, and will release a lot of heat or the power. Liquid fuel is an important component of fuel, including hydrocarbon or mixtures. Currently, it can be used in internal combustion engines and jet engines, providing the power support.

Some of the liquid fuels seen in the current market are natural fuels, such as natural oil or crude oil. The other part is processed fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil and so on. Do you know what advantage this fuel has in practical applications compared to solid fuels?

First, in the case of ensuring that the same heat energy can be achieved, the quality of the liquid fuel is lighter, which can be reduced by about three tenths, and the space occupied can be reduced by about a half. In this way, the transport costs can also be significantly reduced.

Second, in comparison, when liquid fuel is used, it can be stored at a far distance from the combustion furnace, and the oil storage tanks used can also adopt different structural shapes. At the same time, in storage, its convenience also exceeds the gas fuel.

Third, in the transportation, liquid fuel transportation is convenient. It can use the relatively thin pipeline for transportation, the cost of materials and labor is less.

Fourth, the use of liquid fuel is easier to control when it is burning. In addition, the liquid fuel in the combustion process, basically does not produce ash, the use is simple and convenient, greatly reduces the cleaning up amount.

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