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How to choose the size of the flame fuel can?

- Nov 15, 2017 -

With the improvement and optimization of production technology, the quality of today's flame fuel cans has also been significantly improved. In order to ensure the use safety, therefore in the production, the material with good insulation effect is specially chosen, so that during the process of combustion, the flame fuel can is still kept in a certain temperature range, so as to avoid scald.

This flame fuel can can ladle different types of fuel according to the different requirements of the user. For users, the type of fuel used is different, and there are certain differences in specifications. So, when choosing, how should the size be determined? Let's discuss this issue with you and hope to provide a reference.

To solve this problem, first of all, the user need to consider the question of how much fuel to store, so as to choose the specifications of the flame fuel can. In the judgment, the minimum storage capacity is calculated from these three parameters: 1. Emergency stock, which is mainly used to ensure the normal supply of fuel in emergency. 2. Advance inventory, mainly to do well stock management. 3. In actual use, the amount of fuel consumed in the normal use should be understood.

fire gel3.jpg

In addition, when choosing the specifications of the flame fuel tank, we need to consider the specific cost issues. In addition, whether choosing the large or small fuel cans, in the end, we should fully consider the cost and safety hazards. Usually, these two aspects are determined according to the actual situation of the user.

In particular, the safety management aspect is more important. This is because sometimes the user should also arrange the professional safety maintenance personnel to carry on the regular protection and maintenance work of the flame fuel can.

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