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Do you know the 4 advantages of the methanol gel spark fuel?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

There are many advantages of methanol gel spark fuel. Next, we will introduce its advantages from four aspects. First of all, the methanol gel spark fuel is very environmentally friendly and healthy. For example, in the past, when the solid alcohol was prepared, some low quality coagulants might be added, and even some waste industries were processed with wax, water, and inferior alcohol, with many toxic ingredients in the raw materials.


This fuel will not only release unpleasant smell when it burns, but also has some influence on people's health during evaporation. The methanol gel spark fuel is prepared by advanced environmental protection engineering technology. The raw materials used are relatively safe and belong to the new generation of environmental and economic fuel supplies. The combustion process is smokeless and healthy.


Advantage two: the combustion process is safer. This is because methanol gel spark fuel is not a dangerous product. It is very safe to carry, store or use, and users can use it safely. It is an ideal substitute for traditional fuel!


Advantage three: the burning time is longer and the calorific value is higher. In comparison, a tank of methanol fuel gels of ordinary size can burn for 2 to 6 hours depending on the fire power, so that they can burn enough firepower.


Advantage four: packaging specifications are reasonable, portable and convenient to use. In practical applications, users can choose different specifications and different packaging of methanol gel spark fuel in combination with their own needs, and can also be used as an ideal fuel for outgoing picnics and buffet heating.


In a word, as a production enterprise, we have been using various ways to ensure the excellent quality of the methanol gel spark fuel and provide high quality fuel for many users!

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