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Environmental friendly barbecue cream use advantage explanation.

- Apr 17, 2018 -

It can also be called "alcohol block", or solid fuel block, which is mainly made of ethanol, which is usually added to industrial alcohol to form solid form. Barbecue alcohol paste convenient use, can light with a match, no smoke during burning, the flame temperature is even, the temperature can reach 600 ℃.

About 250 grams of barbecue alcohol is known to burn more than 90 minutes. It also has advantages such as transportation and portability and less pollution to the environment when burning. At the same time, liquid alcohol is more safe and therefore very popular with consumers.

Environment-friendly paste barbecue liquor is a new type of combustion, which can be used as a barbecue fuel. This kind of fuel has a transparent appearance, whether it is kneading, squeezing, or using, etc., without liquid exuding, which is a very ideal, practical and environmentally friendly fuel.

In terms of practical application, this new type of barbecue liquor has a high energy efficiency, full combustion, very stable fire, and no dust and impurities fly out of the container. It is non-toxic, smokeless, tasteless and not hot. It is clean and hygienic, and it is used in the same way as similar products. In the process of transportation, storage and use, the safety factor is high, it has no liquid, it presents a paste transparent state, does not spill, does not leak, does not flow, so it is safer.

To sum up, the main ingredient of this kind of barbecue liquor is alcohol, which belongs to a real environment-friendly fuel, which is also the best fuel for barbecue. This kind of fuel is also blue when burned, and its packaging is usually 200g. Normally, it burns more than 6,500 kilocalories/cans. 200g/ can burn up to 150-180 minutes.

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