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Effect of bio fuel on vegetable oil price

- Apr 13, 2017 -

By the Dalian commodity exchange and Malaysia Derivatives Exchange jointly sponsored the "Seventh China International oils and oilseeds conference" held in Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel, and the Futures Channel will be as a special network support media coverage of the meeting. British LMC International Co., Ltd. James Dr. Fry published entitled "the impact of biofuels on vegetable oil prices," the speech. He said palm oil production prospects, in 2011 the global CPO production from Southeast Asia to Latin America are very good, the weather in 2011 is also good, in 2011 only a few dry places, basically the weather is very good. I think the forecast in Indonesia because the government made out, but the question, 2007-2008 we begin to see the production of palm oil is greatly increased, we also know that the future of palm oil production is greatly increased in Indonesia, I believe that the next 8 years may have reached a high point. What's interesting is that there are a lot of palm oil in Indonesia, and everyone will grow more next year, maybe 2 million tons I have told you said, we require from the basic point of view of supply and demand, high prices have more supply, if the supply of more demand for it will increase, from my point of view, the price of crude oil yesterday decreased 4 dollars, I think this is a good phenomenon, Brent prices to continue to decline it was crazy, from the price began to fall, it was predicted from 110 to 100, the next season dropped to 100, then the next season dropped to 90 dollars, I think the price will continue, I predict Malaysia's palm oil stocks will continue to rise until December next year. The first half of the year may be slightly decreased.

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