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Eight advantages of fuel packing can

- Oct 27, 2018 -

As a new generation of environmentally friendly green energy, canned heat sources have many advantages in use. The main addition is bio-alcohol oil. Bio-alcohol oil is an environmentally-friendly energy source that is formulated with mono-alcohol as the main raw material. Due to the molecular structure, the combustion products are only water and carbon dioxide, which is a rare and clean environmentally friendly fuel.


Under the current social conditions, this new type of environmentally friendly green canned heat source has been sought after. Its main application advantages are as follows:

1. Excellent price: “Alcohol-based” is economical to use and can save a lot of cost;

2, strong firepower: gas combustion value is - big card / KG, alcohol-based combustion value - big card / KG;

3, good ignition: alcohol-based oxygen molecules, easy to ignite;

4, no black smoke: "alcohol base" from ignition to flameout, no black smoke, no pollution;

5, no odor: the main raw material of the alcohol base is methanol, with additives, no odor;

6, not easy to explode: alcohol base is a liquid fuel can be washed with water to extinguish fire;

7. High energy saving: not affected by international crude oil, sufficient raw material sources;

8. High environmental protection: no waste water is discharged during use, which is more environmentally safe.


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