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Fireplace fuel alcohol fireplace burning precautions

- Jan 17, 2019 -

The fireplace fuel used in alcohol fireplaces is ethanol. Distilled ethanol must be used in use. It is forbidden to add synthetic ethanol fuel (industrial alcohol). Synthetic ethanol contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is also necessary to use alcohol with a concentration greater than 95%, and alcohol below 95% affects the flame height and color.


There are also specific requirements for the addition of fuel alcohol in the fireplace. It should be filled with a funnel to avoid dripping on the surface of the fireplace and other objects. Because of the strong permeability of alcohol, alcohol is easily caused by fire. The amount of alcohol added at a time is added according to the time required. Do not overdo it and it will evaporate. After the addition is completed, use a dry cloth to splash the alcohol during the filling process and try to clean it, and confirm that there is no residual alcohol on the surface.


Note that after the addition of the fuel alcohol in the fireplace, the ignition must be ignited during ignition. It is not allowed to use other ignition equipment to ignite, otherwise it will cause accidental burns. The fireplace needs to be closed during use. You can use the special handle to push the top slide to close the burner

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