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Wick fuel use characteristics

- Jan 11, 2019 -

The wick fuel product is made from high-quality mineral oil and has a long burning time and no pollution (the combustion residue is only water and carbon dioxide). The wick fuel also has the advantages of stable flame, large heat generation, and no hotness when burning. It is an ideal fuel for heating and insulation of high-end buffet places.


In terms of product packaging, the screw port design is specially adopted to ensure the sealing effect of the wick fuel, which is not easy to leak. It is not only beautiful in appearance, convenient in transportation, but also non-dangerous in transportation and storage (no need for dangerous goods warehouse) . It can be used in high-end hotels, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, buffets, cafes, tea houses, picnics, tours, etc. This product has passed ISO9001-2009 certification.


For the user, the wick fuel is a new type of safe and environmentally friendly fuel, and it is a safe and environmentally friendly fuel; it has no irritating odor when burned. In order to better play the performance of the product and avoid possible problems, please read the product manual carefully before

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