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Food heating fuel product advantages

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Food heating fuel products show great advantages in practical applications. In general, they can be divided into the following aspects:


Advantage 1: One-component high-purity fuel. This food heating fuel is a single-component, high-purity, colorless, odor-free fuel that is not made from mixed oils and other solvents. Can be used in a closed environment and easy to open.


Advantage 2: Non-flammable. The main ingredient of this food heating fuel is diethylene glycol, which is non-flammable. Use more security and peace of mind.


Advantage three: fuel utilization up to 100%. When designing products, a unique wick design is used to make it fully oil-absorbent and easy to ignite. It can be used multiple times until the fuel is heated up to 100% efficient use without any waste.


Advantage four: The container itself is not hot. That is, the container itself is not heated during the full combustion of the heated fuel. Therefore, it can prevent any damage from happening, such as burning hands.


Advantage 5: There is a visible flame when burning. After this heated fuel is ignited, it has a visible red/blue flame and is a green fuel that does not evaporate. If the plastic cover is not buckled, the fuel does not evaporate. In the process of combustion, it is not easily blown away by the wind.


Advantage 6: Not subject to storage or transportation restrictions. This new type of heating fuel has stable performance and is a non-hazardous food heating fuel that can be placed anywhere, which saves transportation and storage costs.


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