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Fuel oil for buffet advantage

- Dec 26, 2017 -

In practical application, people can add the fuel for heating the food to the simple combustion tank with more flexibility, so as to satisfy the requirements for heat preservation and heating of various food and drink beverages. For now, the buffet heated food fuel is particularly suitable for commercial, high-end hot pot restaurants catering self-heating boiler heating needs.


In comparison, this buffet is not only affordable but also very safe to use for cooking food fuels.

1, One of its salient advantages is environmental protection, which does not produce any peculiar smell during its full combustion after ignition. And the combustion device is not black smoke, it will not lead to blackened tableware, but also does not appear in the burning of the guests after the reaction appeared spicy eyes, choking, breathing blubber and other adverse reactions. After burning out, there will not be any residue left.


2, this Fuel oil for buffets is very convenient in practical applications. Under normal circumstances, only need to open the lid lit can be used, cover the lid flame extinguished. And the product is ignited, it is gradually beginning to burn, more secure and stable. Burning time more assured, no need to worry about use. Strong fire, flame combustion stability.


3, this Fuel oil for buffets is quite safe in practice. This is because it does not belong to flammable dangerous goods itself, and must be used in the ignition of a special burner to burn, and not volatile.


In addition, this buffet food heating oil has good adaptability, not only for the hotel buffet food insulation, eat hot pot in the hotel can also be used for heating. Because of this, this kind of buffet heating food and fuel is particularly favored by restaurants, hotels and other restaurants that use relatively concentrated fuel.

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