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Gel fuel hot pot easy to use, easy to maintain

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Gel fuel hot pot belongs to the current market, a more popular colloidal fuel, compared with elegant, with its small size, high heat, easy to carry, can be used when appropriate to add, safety and environmental protection and other characteristics. As a result, gel fuel hot pots are particularly popular with consumers. The gel fuel belongs to a fuel medium.


Unlike other fondue fuels, the fuel medium is in a gel state, has a high degree of component purity and is environmentally friendly and is a degradable material. Therefore, this gel fuel hot pot in the combustion process, is smoke-free, will not produce soot, or emit toxic gases, etc., healthier and safer.


In addition, this gel-fuel hotpot is more convenient for storage and transportation, plus it does not require too much packaging, saving some costs. And these devices are also easier to service during use. Among them is the fuel can be fully burned, release a lot of calorific value, to meet the heating requirements.


In short, this gel fuel pot is more efficient, energy saving and environmental protection. For users, not only low cost, but also has a strong firepower and temperature, not only for hot pot, but also as an ideal heating barbecue tools.


In fact, the fuel medium in gel fuel hot pot is a kind of material made by advanced technology. The raw material is rich in source, low in cost and high in combustion efficiency, which is more economical and easier to use than the traditional solid alcohol. Gel fuel pot has more advantages: convenience, safety, environmental protection, affordable, which has become the best choice for many hot pot restaurants.

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