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Main form of fireplace fuel

- Nov 10, 2018 -

Fireplace fuels are also often referred to as ornamental fuels, and there are many types of fireplace fuels currently used to keep warm home heating. The main features of the paste fuel we provide are: long burning time, complete combustion, smokeless, non-toxic, ash-free when burning, and the flames are red; it can also be used for sterilization and removal of mosquitoes.


From the appearance of the shape, the fuel form of the fireplace is gelatinous, the appearance of the product is no damage, no leakage, can lid (bag) sealing; and the inner surface is smooth and transparent, 100% cream. When in use, the container can be ignited, the flame is red when burning, and the combustion products are carbon dioxide and water vapor.


According to the measurement of the department and the multi-year use effect of the user, the various indicators and combustion effects of the new fireplace fuel have reached or exceeded the level of similar products at home and abroad. Moreover, the product belongs to the popular low-energy environment-friendly, safe and convenient, and best-quality thermal insulation heat source products on the market.

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