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New canned heat source is safer and more environmentally friendly

- Jun 22, 2018 -

In practical applications, this new type of canned heat source can be used directly for ignition. The built-in fuel is generally in a liquid state and is suitable for heating and heat preservation in restaurants, hotels, restaurants, homes, and hot pots.


If you can't use it for the first time, you can close the lid and use it next time. Be careful to store this canned heat source in a cool place out of reach of children. And the product specification is different, users can choose according to their actual needs.


When using, open the lid and light it. Due to the safety design of this canned heat source, the built-in fuel will slowly burn until the required firepower. In addition, it is also convenient to adjust the firepower needed for any adjustment of the furnace core through “multi-use fire extinguishing caps”.


Usually before the canned heat source is set in the factory, the standard firepower for the core has been set to meet the heat required for heating and heat preservation of buffets and most foodstuffs. When using fire, please use the lid to cover it in time and it will not affect the next use.


For the user, this canned heat source is not only easy to use but also very economical. Wherein the fuel is used during combustion, there is no problem of volatilization. It can be used repeatedly until it is completely used up.


Compared with ordinary heat sources, this canned heat source has obvious advantages in many aspects. First of all, the product has a high degree of safety. In the design, the wick is made of special materials to ensure safety.


The product has outstanding environmental performance, and the built-in fuel in the canned heat source is colorless and odorless, and its appearance is oily transparent liquid. Moreover, the product is economical to use, saves costs, wastes no resources, and does not pollute the environment.


Based on the above description, it can be seen that the canned heat source has shown excellent performance in different applications. This new type of canned heat source fuel not only solves the user's use problem, but also is more safe and environmentally friendly, so it is popular in the market.

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