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Oil lamp use and structure development

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Although a small oil lamp looks insignificant, it has extremely important significance. In the process of continuous growth, human beings discovered the fire with their wisdom and discovered the heat and light energy of the fire. The first oil lamp came from "drilling and taking fire." In fact, the first bonfire fired by humans can be regarded as the first light made in human history.


Of course, this is not a lamp in the true sense. With the development of society, people have created unique lighting fixtures based on their wisdom, and they have also discovered oils for lighting. It can be seen that in the long course of development, the development of the history of human civilization has been accompanied by the development of material civilization. The latter precisely reflects the history of human civilization. In this history, the oil lamp is one of the articles of daily origin that originated earlier, continued and developed for a longer period of time.


Oil lamps usually have high artistic value. From the aesthetic point of view, their elegant shapes and decorative decorations often reflect the contemporary aesthetic fashion. In fact, the emergence of a lamp with a certain shape is the result of a combination of practicality and aesthetics. With the ever-increasing practicability of lamps and the constant deepening of aesthetic requirements, the shape of lamps has changed.


Oil lamps as a tool for lighting, we need to add the right amount of fuel, and then add the lights, you can achieve the lighting requirements. "Light bulbs" are generally made of metal, ceramics, etc., and their materials are all nonflammable. At the same time, its structural design is also varied. One of the more common structural forms is the oil-type oil lamp, which is more convenient to use.


Relatively speaking, such oil-storage oil lamps often adopt some special structural designs. As a kind of lamp, the oil lamp can use different fuels. The lamp is mostly made of vitreous material. The shape is like a gourd with waist and bellies. The top is a lamp cap with different shapes. There is a lamp on the side of the lamp head that can be adjusted in and out. Knob to control the brightness of the lamp.

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