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Safety and environmental protection hot pot fuel product introduction

- May 05, 2018 -

At present, in the catering industry, the use of various safe and environmentally friendly fuels is becoming more and more popular. This kind of fuel is often filled and used more conveniently. For example, there is a more popular fuel on the market, called six-hour two-head safety and environmental protection hot pot fuel products. The product has a package size of 8.00cm in diameter and 5.50cm in height. The use of such safe and environmentally friendly hot pot fuels is quite extensive.


In fact, this kind of safe and environmentally friendly hot pot fuel can not only be used as a hot pot industry, but also can meet the heating and insulation requirements of large and medium-sized autonomous meal furnaces. If the fuel is burned with standard firepower, it can meet the needs of 2-3 meals.


Specific methods and precautions for using environmentally safe hot pot fuel products:


1, in the process of igniting this kind of safe and environmentally friendly hot pot fuel, it is usually necessary to use an open flame to act on the burning core for two or three seconds;

2, according to firepower requirements, in order to ignite this kind of safe and environmentally friendly hot pot fuel, you need to first adjust the wick to the desired state, in the use of the best not to adjust the size of the fire.

3. During use, it is advisable to leave a two or three centimeters of flame space at the top of the core to the bottom of the pot in advance so that the outer flame can fully reach the bottom of the pot to achieve the best firepower and heat.

4, after the use of hot pot fuel, please use a special fire extinguishment cover to extinguish the burning core, it is also best to cover the lid with burning plastic core.


The main features of the hot pot fuel:

1, safety, the fuel is a non-flammable material, the case of fire is not easy to burn, even if the dump leaked out is not easy to catch fire.

2, health, this environmentally friendly hot pot fuel in the burning process, very clean and environmentally friendly, no smoke, no odor, non-toxic, colorless, non-volatile, no residue after combustion, clean and sanitary, not smoked black bottom. Does not pollute the air or the environment.

3, economical and practical. Under normal circumstances, this hot pot fuel can maintain continuous combustion, easy to use, strong firepower, small tank, easy to carry. And easy to store, the fuel is not volatile, easy to store, easy to transport, use, security, no hidden dangers.

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